React Storefront

React Storefront

Build and deploy sub-second e-commerce progressive web apps in record time

$ npm create react-storefront myapp --yes

Ludicrous Speed

React Storefront goes the extra mile to squeeze speed out of every possible real and user perceived performance optimization including:
  • Server Side Rendering
  • Automatic AMP creation
  • Predictive prefetching
  • Code splitting
  • Cache optimization
  • Client data reuse
  • Skeletons
  • and more
Bottom Line: sub-second page loads that are unmatched in the industry!

A Different Approach

React Storefront takes a bold new approach that values developer productivity so you can get more done in less time:
  • No config -- download and start coding
  • Opinionated framework that does the heavy lifting for you
  • Unified code base that uses isomorphic Javascript across server, client, and CDN
  • Generate AMP and PWA from a single code base
  • Automatically guides developers into performance best practices
  • Supports source maps for Chrome Debugger and Visual Studio Code

Made to Sell

React Storefront is custom built for eCommerce:
  • UI Components and templates designed for eCommerce
  • SEO and Search Engine friendly
  • Preserve your existing URL Scheme

Built for complex, billion dollar sites

React Storefront scales from $10M to $1B+ revenue sites:
  • Already powering leading enterprise ecommerce sites
  • Supports real-world migration of a complex site to PWA in incremental steps
  • Designed by a team that has delivered experiences handling billions in ecommerce revenue
  • Optimized to run on the Moovweb XDN with zero dev ops

React Storefront runs best on Moovweb XDN

Moovweb provides a platform-as-a-service called the XDN (Experience Delivery Network) that is available for purchase. Features that are available for purchase are listed are tagged with "XDN" in the table of contents

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