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Cloud Management: Redirection

In order to launch your Control Center project live for your visitors, you need to send traffic from your source domain to Moovweb.

For a Control Center project with subdomains that should receive a certain subset of your total source domain traffic, you need to include a script at the top of the head element on every page of your source site to enable redirection. This way, for example, mobile users will be directed to your mobile site instead of your desktop site.

Activate Mobile Redirection

To redirect your mobile users to your Moovweb site being served on a paricular subdomain, you must place a Moovweb-provided JavaScript snippet right at the top of the head in your desktop site.

  1. Go to your project’s page and click the “Project Settings” button.
  2. Click the Redirection tab
  3. Toggle Mobile Redirector to “ON”
  4. Check “Enable Mobile Redirector”
  5. Copy the JavaScript to your desktop website by clicking the clipboard icon to the right of the code snippet and then inserting it directly below the opening

head tag.

  1. Click “Save changes” in the Redirection settings panel.

Redirection will now occur automatically!


Please make sure the provided snippet is the first script in the head of all your pages. You must insert this script at the top of all the pages of the original website.

Redirection Configuration

If you are creating a Control Center project with a custom subdomain you intend to use for some of the traffic that comes to your source site, you will have options for different redirection types. “Mobile” is selected by default, but you can choose “Tablet” or write your own custom redirection regular expression.

If you choose to write your own custom redirection regex (click here for help with regular expressions), you should specify all devices that you want to redirect to your Moovweb site.

Disable redirection

You can temporarily disable the redirection (this is useful for debugging or maintenance) by toggling the Mobile Redirector switch to “OFF” in your project’s Redirection settings page (Project Settings > Redirection).

Other Types of Redirection

Moovweb also supports other types of redirection.

  • Server-side redirection (302 redirect)
  • Single domain routing

Please contact us for detailed instructions.