React Storefront


With React Storefront, you can prefetch and cache your PWA from 3rd party sites. This feature is called "Powerlinks" and it makes your PWA load instantaneously when the user taps on a link from the 3rd party site.

Your PWA must be running react-storefront@^6.15.0 or newer.

Implementing a Powerlink on a 3rd Party Site

To implement a powerlink, add the following script to the page of the 3rd party site, where {pwa-hostname} is the hostname of your PWA:

<script src="https://{pwa-hostname}/.powerlinks.js" defer />

Then, add data-rsf-power-link="on" to any link to your PWA that you want to prefetch and cache.

For example:

<a href="" data-rsf-power-link="on">Visit My PWA</a>