React Storefront |

Getting Started

This guide will help you get everything installed and create your first React Storefront.

Installation (All Platforms)

First, download and install the latest Node.js LTS

  • Node.js 8 LTS (Note: Node v10 has some incompatibility issues as of Oct 8, 2018)

Additional Steps for Windows

The MOOV SDK requires node-sass. In order for npm to successfully install node-sass, you need to globally install windows-build-tools and node-gyp:

npm i -g --production windows-build-tools
npm i -g node-gyp

Creating Your First PWA

Create a new project using create-react-storefront:

$ npx create-react-storefront myapp

Then follow the prompts to create your first PWA!

If you're in a rush, you can just accept all of the defaults.

Running Your App

Your app comes bundled with Moovweb's CLI, which emulates the Moovweb XDN for local development. To run your app using the Moovweb CLI, simple run:

$ cd myapp
$ npm start

You can also run your app using express:

npm run start:express