React Storefront

Getting Started

This guide will help you get everything installed and create your first React Storefront.

Installation (All Platforms)

First, download and install the latest Node.js LTS

  • Node.js 8 LTS (Note: Node v10 has some incompatibility issues as of Oct 8, 2018)

Additional Steps for Windows

The MOOV SDK requires node-sass. In order for npm to successfully install node-sass, you need to globally install windows-build-tools and node-gyp:

npm i -g --production windows-build-tools
npm i -g node-gyp

Creating Your First PWA

Create a new project using create-react-storefront:

$ npm create react-storefront myapp --yes

Running Your App

Your app comes bundled with Moovweb's CLI, which emulates the Moovweb XDN for local development. To run your app using the Moovweb CLI, simple run:

$ cd myapp
$ npm start

You can also run your app using express:

npm run start:express