React Storefront

Moovweb XDN Overview

Moovweb provides a high-performance platform for hosting React Storefront apps called the Moovweb XDN (Experience Delivery Network). The XDN is an integrated environment that encompasses everything you need to deploy and serve high speed ecommerce web apps, including:

  • A CDN with over 80 global POPs (Points of Presence)
  • Advanced caching capabilities controlled via your router definition in React Storefront.
  • Shielding and L2 cache via super-pops in each region.
  • Managed WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • A serverless, autoscaling JavaScript runtime environment that supports server-side rendering (SSR) and API orchestration.
  • Image optimization
  • Automatic AMP Support
  • Atomic deploys via CLI, GitHub, or CircleCI.
  • One-click rollbacks via the Moovweb Control Center.


The Moovweb XDN handles all of the duties of a traditional CDN and more. The Moovweb XDN features:

  • Over 80 global points of presence so that all of your users experience ultra-low latency.
  • HTTP2 with server push
  • Ultra-fast TLS termination

Advanced Caching

Caching is essential to provide users with the fastest possible experience, especially when server-side rendering (SSR). It also greatly reduces the load on your APIs. The Moovweb XDN gives you convenient, fine-grained control over how pages are cached, right from your app's router definition. Using the Moovweb XDN, you can:

  • Serve localized content from the cache (language and pricing are common examples) by partitioning the cache based on any combination of request headers and cookies.
  • Normalize URLs to maximize cache-hit ratios by whitelisting or blacklisting specific query parameters. For example, you can ignore unique user tracking codes appended to the query string of links sent out as part of ad campaigns. This helps ensure that your user's initial landing on the site is served from the cache.
  • Patially clear the cache via the CLI or the Moovweb Control Center based on a URL pattern or surrogate key.


The Moovweb XDN provides shielding - the ability to route all requests through a single point of presence closest to your datacenter. This has two important benefits:

  • Greatly reduces network latency between the user's browser and your datacenter by routing all traffic through Moovweb's private backbone rather than the public internet.
  • Greatly reduces the load on your datacenter by providing a second level of caching at the super-pop. This allows you to serve more API requests with fewer servers and improves cache hit ratios to keep page load times fast.

Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The Moovweb XDN includes a managed web application firewall that safeguards your site from attacks and unwanted crawlers. Updated rules are automatically deployed as they become available without any need for action on your part.

Serverless JavaScript Runtime Environment

Deploying on the Moovweb XDN means you don't need to worry about managing containers, virtual machines, node processes, or any other software infrastructure. The XDN handles all of this for you so you can focus on code. The Moovweb XDN's serveless JavaScript runtime handles both API requests and server-side rendering (SSR) and doesn't suffer from the same cold-start times that plague other similar services.

Image Optimization

The Moovweb XDN can downscale and reformat images for mobile browsers to save bandwidth and improve site speed. Simply specify an optimize prop in your <Image> elements and the Moovweb XDN does the rest:

<Image src="/path/to/image.jpg" optimize={{ width: 500, format: 'webp' }} />

Automatic AMP Support

The Moovweb XDN ensures that your app's AMP pages always remain valid. The XDN cleans up outgoing AMP HTML and automatically provides sizes for img elements that don't already have explicit height and width. This means that you don't need to change the content in your CMS to support AMP.

Atomic Deploys

Even though the Moovweb XDN provides a wide array of services hosted in datacenters around the globe, deployments are atomic (the app is updated in all regions simultaneously) and fast (deployments take less than 5 minutes). Furthermore, caches are automatically cleared when new code is deployed to ensure that your users get a consistent view of the site based on the latest code you've deployed.

One-Click Rollbacks

We've all been there. You deploy an update and something that used to work suddenly doesn't. With the Moovweb XDN there is no need to panic. You can roll back to any previous version of the app with a single click. You can also deploy problematic code to a private URL so you can continue debugging without interrupting user traffic.